18th April 2014
Location LOCATION: Sydney

A beacon of colour by Karla Spetic for the second day of Meceredes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

8th March 2014
Postcards from Paris
Location LOCATION: Paris

It seems my mind and feet finally wandered to the same place and all the way to the base of the Eiffel Tower, again…

18th January 2014

I warmly welcomed the new sensations I was feeling, knowing I was surrounded by so many Italians who seem to exude an invisible and contagious energy and enthusiasm for fashion, beauty and life.

21st October 2013
Location LOCATION: Paris

When we arrived in Paris I was greeted with that googly-eyed appreciation I always experience when I see this city.

14th October 2013
Location LOCATION: Paris

I let this pair of statement heels do all the talking whilst I rolled around Paris in a sugar and eclair induced coma.