1st August 2012
Location LOCATION: Broome

Three Floor Dress / Zara Heels

Who would of thought out of all the places I would find one of my dream locations on the side of a road in the blazing heat in Broome? We drove past this beautiful flower bush-thing nearly every day when traveling from our resort to the next shoot location and I was quietly dying on the inside with the thought of not having enough time to shoot there.

This beautifully vibrant and colourful bush instantly brought not only a simple dress to life but also a girl who had been dreaming of flower walls for years and questioning if they actually existed. Even though it was kind of full of huge thorns the size of my pinky and my hair decided to resemble a baguette in the sweltering heat (of course!), I couldn’t be happier to burrow myself amongst the blossoms for a few moments to make the most of what little time we had left in Broome.

We were given the last day to roam as we please but it still wasn’t enough time to make the most of every picturesque location we saw there. It was just insane and I’m itching to go back again with my girlfriends and/or Luke. Luckily I had this gemstone dress with me to keep me company instead but it wasn’t nearly as entertaining or witty as having Luke there. You can imagine how hard it was trying to teach it to take outfit photos too. Dresses these days!

Photos by Amanda Shadforth and me