18th September 2012
Location LOCATION: New York

Alice McCall Dress / Zara Cardigan and Necklace / Samantha Wills Earrings / Charlotte Olympia Heels / Celine Bag

One of the highlights for me in New York City was being able to visit the Charlotte Olympia store and seeing first hand just how beautiful all of her shoes are in real life. As an Australian resident, we’re pretty used to not being able to experience products or clothing that are easily accessible anywhere else in the world. The Topshop in Sydney is due to open in just over two weeks time, with our Zara being constantly swamped and over crowded. I can’t even imagine what it would be like if we finally got a H&M and Urban Outfitters but come to think of it let’s change the subject as I think I just heard thousands of hearts breaking.

To me, Charlotte Olympia is the perfect shoe designer. She keeps beautiful shoes playful and quirky with just the right amount of platform for someone like me who isn’t incredibly tall. She’s innovative, she’s desirable and in my books she’s an absolute god. I’ve loved every single piece she’s ever designed and if my bank account allowed it I would happily be that crazy shoe lady who collected each pair and stored them in their own separate room. Perhaps even stroking them at night and singing them lullabies. This is why it was impossible for me not to buy these red satin heels I’ve been drooling over for nearly a year. They were the perfect heels to finish my day one NYFW outfit and for dancing on the corner of streets in between shows whilst your hair is acting like an uncontrollable drunk. And I know what you’re thinking… two posts in two days? Even I’m happy with myself there!

Photos by Thomas Stockwell