10th October 2013
Location LOCATION: Paris

Feeling a little romantic during a warm Autumn afternoon in Paris.

27th September 2013
Location LOCATION: London

After New York we were tossing up whether we should go to London or not.

7th July 2013
Location LOCATION: Paris

I realised this is probably as Parisian as I’m ever going to get.

25th June 2013
Palais Royal
Location LOCATION: Paris

This is my first time to Europe in spring and summer so the weather and mass crowds are a vast difference to what I remember, but the new memories and friends I’ve made are just as sweet as last time, maybe even more so.

1st August 2012
In The Summertime
Location LOCATION: Broome

I couldn’t be happier to burrow myself amongst the blossoms for a few moments to make the most of what little time we had left in Broome.