Resonances de Cartier

“We are still a mystery, and that is something worth celebrating.”

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Resonances de Cartier
17th August 2018
The Writer for Les Eaux De Chanel
Location LOCATION: Paris

A light scent lingers. Finally she is free.

28th May 2018
Chanel Metiers d’Art in Hamburg
Location LOCATION: Hamburg

If a runway show could feel like you were witnessing a poem being written in front of your eyes, this would be it.

12th December 2017
Resonances de Cartier
Location LOCATION: Paris

A contrast of two worlds meeting to empower women all over the world to express who they are and feel beautiful in their own skin. We are still a mystery, and that is something worth celebrating.

4th September 2017
Take Note. Yours, Gabrielle.
Location LOCATION: Paris

She was passionate and fearless; a free spirit with a rebellious heart who was unapologetically feminine.

15th June 2017
In My Time

To be bold, to be fearless, to be iconic, to be unforgettable.