17th September 2012
Location LOCATION: New York

Asos Playsuit / Twenty Seven Names Breton Top / Jennifer Zeuner Necklace / Michael Kors Watch / Zara Heels / Celine Bag

OH MY GOD, A NEW POST! OH MY GOD, SHE’S ALIVE! Don’t worry, I promise I’m not quoting you but instead quoting my family and possibly Luke too who only keep up with what I’m doing through my blog sometimes. I cannot apologise enough for my absence but it seems I can get a little too carried away with enjoying the moment that I struggle (and I mean really struggle) to spend time online editing my photos and posting them. I have never been so backlogged with photos before so please expect a huge influx of posts over the next week, both from New York and London as I landed here a few days ago!

We went straight to a shoot then continued to jump head first into London Fashion Week with Dion Lee and House Of Holland up first. I’ve settled into my best friends apartment in East London who I haven’t seen in over a year, so you can imagine how much we have to catch up on and what little time I have to snuggle up into bed with her and a hot cup of tea right now. I’ve actually been talking so much during fashion week I was starting to lose my voice for a while there, which for someone who hasn’t lost it before discovered it’s more irritating than husky and sexy… If anyone finds a girl who sounds like she’s swallowed an out of tune trumpet sexy than I think we have more problems here than my swollen fashion week feet and lack of cabs during change over time, or perhaps the perplexing situation of my uneven hemline on this playsuit after I got caught on a bicycle on the streets of New York. Is that not chic? Should I have not pointed it out? Surely the majority of you would have noticed it though? Too many questions that I shouldn’t have asked in the first place.

Photos by Thomas Stockwell