8th March 2014
Postcards from Paris
Location LOCATION: Paris

It seems my mind and feet finally wandered to the same place and all the way to the base of the Eiffel Tower, again…

11th July 2013
Paris Instagram Diary I
Location LOCATION: Paris

A few magical days spent in Paris with Luke and Lancome.

26th October 2012
Je t’aime
Location LOCATION: Paris

Je t’aime Paris, you were absolutely perfect.

25th October 2012
With Love
Location LOCATION: Paris

Paris. Boy. Balloons. Love. Soaring. Unforgettable. Now.

10th October 2012
Location LOCATION: Paris

When we arrived in Paris it was raining and although it didn’t matter I secretly hoped that it would clear for just one day. I remember saying “Just give me one day in Paris with blue skies and that’s all I need”.