11th July 2013
Location LOCATION: Paris

A shimmering Paris as we check in | A very warm welcome from Lancome | Choosing outfits for the Lancome show at Lanvin HQ | My Lanvin Clutch at Cafe De Flore before the show | Nothing more romantic than red roses and the Eiffel Tower | Snapped by Vanity Fair France | A dazzling night at the Lancome Show | With my love Lukebolt | Summer in Paris | My favourite things – tea and macaroons! | Shooting with Lancome in Paris | Sacre Coeur at sunset | New gold clutch by Carolina Herrera | Lady in red with roses at sunset | Metallic waters in the Seine River | Bon Appetite! | Shooting a darker evening look| On location with my shoot for Glamour Russia | The stunning presidential suite at Plaza Athenee | Incredible courtyard in Plaza Athenee | With the super lovely Maxim and Zhanna as we celebrate a wonderful shoot together | Nothing but colour shooting with Lancome on a rainy Parisian day | Before dinner at Hotel Bel Ami wearing Camilla and Marc Dress, Carolina Herrera Heels | Au Revoir for now Paree!

A few magical days spent in Paris with Luke and Lancome. It was such a nice experience having Luke with me to share this experience together. It wouldn’t seem like it but it’s quite rare we get to travel and work together at the same time, which is why this trip has been so special to me. After Milan we worked on another project together, this time for Lancome. Instead of Luke acting he was comfortably behind the lens once more while I twirled through Paris with rainbow umbrellas and tried my best not to hold up the high season tourist traffic swarming (or laughing, taking photos or confused) at every corner.

During my short time in Paris I also did a shoot with Glamour Russia at the incredible Plaza Athenee in the Presidential Suite. Yes this is the very same balcony seen in the Sex and the City movie and no I’m not exaggerating when I say  Maxim, Zhanna and I literally gasped when we saw this view. It’s by far the best and the most beautiful view I have ever seen in all of Paris so far, complete with red flowers cascading down the balcony and an Eiffel Tower so close you feel like you could reach out and touch it. It seems a fair few of you thought I was staying in this room because of my instagrams but unfortunately as much as I would like to say I was, I was only there for a photo shoot (which I wrote in my captions but who ever reads captions these days?). It was enough time to take in the sheer scale of this suite which had four outstanding and opulent rooms. This hotel just made my what-would-you-do-with-a-million-dollars-list. Either that or just find an old French man like Carrie…

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