6th July 2012
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Viktoria & Woods Turtleneck / Zara Jeans / Jolie & Deen Coat / The Mode Collective Boots / Edge of Ember Ring / Celine Bag

I’m sure all of you have your own set of work clothes that no matter how many new items of clothing you buy you always end up coming back to the same comfortable basics. What you see here is my winter uniform, my must-have items for the colder months and the pieces that are equally parts comfortable, practical and warm. I own each piece in different colours with slight variations here and there, but the majority of this outfit remains the same – a wool turtleneck, double breasted coat, skinny leg jeans and ankle boots. I suppose because I wear this so much when I’m working or leaving the house in a hurry, I never really stopped to think about taking photos of it.

It wasn’t until we spotted this bright yellow and incredibly inviting autumn-looking tree on the way to the airport that we decided to quickly jump out and shoot what I was wearing. Coats and jeans are easy enough to find but it’s this Merino wool turtleneck by Melbourne based designer Viktoria & Woods that I’m completely besotted with. It’s easily one of the most comfortable, softest and warmest items of clothing I own. Seriously. I lived in a long sleeved maxi dress version last winter but I never got around to shooting it as I basically wore it everywhere, including to bed… that would be like someone saying to you “Hey, you should go stand at the airport in your nightgown”. Well, not really, but kind of. I’ve actually done that a few times before so that’s a bad example but you know what I mean. It’s hard to feel glamorous in something you wear so often.

So here’s my every day winter outfit that I wore to drop Luke off at the airport. The lucky thing is flying to Tahiti for two weeks to shoot photos for Le Boogie whilst I sit here writing about turtlenecks and shamefully admitting online how much I still find the words ‘turtleneck’ and ‘double breasted’ funny.

Photos by Luke Shadbolt