11th June 2012
Location LOCATION: Sydney

American Apparel Jumper & Skirt / Zara Shirt & Wedges / Kenneth Jay Lane Necklace / Edge Of Ember and Jolie & Deen ‘love’ Rings / Celine Bag

Another day, another outfit that has me questioning why I feel the urge to dress like a school girl sometimes. I don’t really know why I go through my phases but I think it comes down to trying to keep winter outfits interesting and warm at the same time. We don’t really have a crazy winter here in Australia so I haven’t really mastered the fine art of layering just yet.

It probably wasn’t the ideal time of year to cut all my hair off too (so much extra warmth gone down the drain!) but I was in desperate need of a change. My hair had grown out so quickly I didn’t even realise it was all one length again and super heavy. This explains why for the past few months my hair has either resembled curly dreadlocks (how awkward, someone should have told me…) or not held my curls at all.

A few of you have asked how I do my hair and to be honest there’s nothing really exciting about it. I just curl my hair with an old straightener I’ve had for years, comb my curls out to make them look more like natural waves and add a spray of Moroccan Oil Hairspray to add a glossy and luminous shine. Everyone’s hair is different so you just have to find what works for you! Having my layers cut back into my hair has made a huge difference though and now my hair is holding my waves without any hairspray at all. For some reason my comb over has made a weird comeback too and I don’t know when it intends to leave again. Maybe when my forehead isn’t so cold and some sort of feeling starts coming back to my toes? Toes, if you’re reading, I really miss you…

Photos by Jysla Kay