14th February 2013
Location LOCATION: New York

J Brand Leather Pants / Kate Sylvester Faux Fur Coat / Vintage Robert Clergie Boots / Sandro Ear Muffs

One thing I never thought I’d be doing is walking through the start of a blizzard to pick up my dry cleaning, nor squatting on my balcony watching snowflakes fall from the overcast sky and wondering if I should have stocked up on more groceries just in case we got snowed in. With our legs shaking, we carefully climbed out our window to stand on the fire escape to watch the roads below begin to quickly clear, and just as quickly fill with white powdered snow.

By midnight, the snow was falling so thickly that it took a few mere minutes for me to be covered from head to toe. Looking back it’s so crazy to think this was only the third time in my whole life I’d seen snow fall from the sky, and even crazier to think we were in New York during a blizzard. I can’t decide if the third photo looks like it’s purely snowing or if a ball of gold glitter has just exploded? Funnily enough, they both blend into the same thing in my eyes – pure magic at midnight in New york City.

Photos by Jessica Stein and me