14th February 2013
Location LOCATION: New York

Equipment Shirt /Equipment Cardigan / J Crew Trousers / Jennifer Zeuner Ring / Helen Kaminski Hat / Charlotte Olympia Heels

There’s something about coming to New York in the winter that’s so comforting. I definitely felt a large difference between the time I spent here during the September season and the time I spent here during this February season. During Spring, the city is overflowing with excited tourists (myself included) and it’s impossible to justify spending any longer than necessary inside your place. During winter, the streets are empty, people take shelter in warm cafes or the comfort of their own house, and there’s actually a possibility of finding a cab during change over time. The biggest difference for me was the lifestyle. It was hard to justify leaving the house even to get dinner some nights, with the warmth of our heater and hot cups of tea luring me into a vortex of hibernation and a pool of regret for not going out and racing to every corner of the city. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, it just made me feel like I was actually living here rather than visiting. The magical atmosphere is still there, and with white powder snow it makes for some ethereal backdrops, but it’s more subdued and hidden behind closed doors or at the bottom of a bottle of red wine with good friends. I suppose New York made me dig a little deeper this time to find it, or dig myself out of this 14 inch snow as well which is always fun!

Photos by Amanda Shadforth