19th December 2018
Location LOCATION: New York

A true reflection of the fashion veteran who has spent his life building one of the most successful fashion empires in the world.

7th April 2015
Welcome to the Jungle
Location LOCATION: New York

The billowing khaki maxi dress could quickly breathe new life into anyone, myself included.

7th November 2011
NYC Diary
Location LOCATION: New York City

New York City really is the city of dreams and each moment was better than the last.

17th October 2011
Times Square Magic
Location LOCATION: New York City

Only one word comes to mind when I think about this night: magic.

16th October 2011
Sunset Over Soho
Location LOCATION: New York City

To any New Yorker this may have been just an ordinary rooftop, but to someone who had never climbed a fire escape let alone been to America before this was one of the most magical afternoons I had in New York City.