27th February 2013
Location LOCATION: Milan

Sportmax Suit / Sportmax Trench Coat / Equipment Shirt / Marc Jacobs Heels / Mnologie Perspex Clutch

So this is where traits of my annoying OCD kick in. I’ve got this bad habit where I’ll only post photos in chronological order. I like when the scenery of each city flows into the next post and I don’t like if it’s out of this order, It’s just how it is. Unfortunately this process doesn’t do wonders for my blog when I have posts that take longer to edit, write, or generally take longer than the half an hour I have awake before I literally pass out on my pillow during fashion month. And so, my blog stalls for days, sometimes weeks, all because I’m battling a personal preference I can’t seem to kick. So I’m going to try and fix this, starting now.

In the last 24 hours I had left in New York, I decided to jump on a plane to go to Milan Fashion Week. This wasn’t planned and neither was my suitcase. Luckily Milan is home to some amazing designers and brands so I was able to scrape through MFW with what I like to call “throw together outfits”, which means outfits I’ve thrown together an hour before the show or pieces of clothes I literally throw around the room in the mad hurry to try to find something to wear. Sportmax helped me avoid this situation for one of the days, with their beautifully tailored suit catering to my simple mood and classic black trench coat to keep me warm.

I suppose skipping a few posts and posting straight from Milan wasn’t so bad, was it Nicole? It kind of felt like trying soy milk or brown bread for the first time – weird, and not nearly as enjoyable as full cream or white, but I know it’s so much better for me at the end of the day. And yes, I just had to publicly talk myself through this whole post. New York and Queensland posts still to come, I promise!

Photos by Jessica Stein