26th April 2013
Location LOCATION: Sydney

The Neo-Nineties exhibition at Westfield Miranda pays tribute to fashion’s return to the 1990′s and was curated by Charlotte Smith.

23rd April 2013
Mango Magazine
Location LOCATION: Barcelona

After a whirlwind trip to Italy I made my way over to Barcelona for a few days to shoot an editorial for Mango and their online magazine.

2nd April 2013
The Elements
Location LOCATION: Queensland

Each time I see a new place I’m overwhelmed by how much beauty is hiding in each corner of the world.

26th March 2013
Lady Elliot Island Diary
Location LOCATION: The Great Barrier Reef

I can’t really believe it’s taken me this long to visit The Great Barrier Reef being from Australia myself.

14th March 2013
Postcards from Tasmania
Location LOCATION: Tasmania

It’s so easy to snuggle, nest and hide yourself away for a few days in the pure nature of Tasmania.