14th March 2013
Location LOCATION: Tasmania

Pastel sunrises over Snug / Exploring Hastings Cave / Touch Ups at Hobart Royal Botanic Gardens wearing Karla Spetic dress / Checking the surf and coffee on the South Head coastline wearing ALC Top, American Apparel Denim Skirt, Juliette Hogan Coat, Eugina Kim Hat , Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats or Topshop Sandals / View of Hobart from Mt Wellington / Feeding ducks in Kingston / A fluorescent flower / Dancing through golden fields / Fresh apple Orchards

It’s so easy to snuggle, nest and hide yourself away for a few days in the pure nature of Tasmania. The first year I came here I thought I was going crazy with just how quiet is, but now this is the main reason I love coming here so much, to recollect my thoughts and escape the hustle and bustle of the fashion industry sometimes. If feeding seventeen chickens on your parents farm or buying horse manure for 50c a bag from the side of the road doesn’t keep you grounded then I just don’t know what will.

Luke and I flew down to see my sister for her 21st birthday and already I’m wishing we were here for longer. We explored some new ground in the short time we have and visited Hastings Cave, a cave over 600 million years old. Natural beauty like that just blows my mind. The sunrises and sunsets also blend seamlessly into pastel perfection and have me confused with just what time of day it is. As long as it’s not time to go home yet I’m happy!

Photos by Luke Shadbolt and me