2nd April 2013
Location LOCATION: Queensland

Scenic view of Queensland, Australia

At first glance you might not know what these photos are of. Blink once and your eyes will play tricks on you, blink twice and your mind will start to slowly figure it out. As a style blogger it’s probably weird I can’t answer who inspires me, but instead answer with what inspires me. Mother nature and her surreal and mind-blowing landscapes are easily one of my main inspirations. Each time I see a new place I’m overwhelmed by how much beauty is hiding in each corner of the world. Luckily for my fellow Aussies, this beauty is sitting right on our very own doorstep. These photos are of the coastline of Queensland, viewed from above from a tiny sea plane. Shimmering sandbanks, rippled water and winding rivers create some of the prettiest landscapes I’ve seen so far (my trip to Iceland I and II takes first place though). But my favourite shot? The second last photo of the shadow of our plane caught in the middle of a rainbow bubble as we pass through a thin sheet of clouds, a photo that took me far too long to figure out and perhaps my favourite photo by Luke, ever.

Photos by Luke Shadbolt