26th July 2013
Location LOCATION: French Riviera

Wildfox Bikini Top and Bottoms / House of Holland Glasses

After Paris Luke and I decided to go back towards the water and caught the train through France and all the way down to Nice. This was my first time along Cote d’Azure which is also known as the French Riviera, as last year Luke and I decided to head in the opposite direction to visit¬†Biarritz¬†and San Sebastian instead.

Just like last year we decided to rent a car instead of hopping on and off trains and based ourselves in Nice. The parking in Nice is apparently a nightmare but as we would return home at around 11pm at night we always seemed to luck into one just around the corner from the apartment. What followed was a few days of exploring the French Riviera as we drove through beautiful seaside towns, old villages and pulled over on the side of the road every 15 minutes to take photos of the spectacular coastal views you’d miss if you were on a train. Small roads would wind around the coastline, hugging the side of cliffs and diving straight through the middle of larger than life mountains.

A few overdue postcards from picturesque and pristine Cote d’Azure wearing my new favourite bikini. We took these photos at one of the small hidden bays near Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, a secluded beach that had a handful of people compared to the hundreds basking in the sun over the hill at Villefranche. And what is Villefranche? Well you’ll find out soon – a lot more updates to come!

Photos by Luke Shadbolt