31st July 2013
Nicole Warne for The Coveteur
Location LOCATION: Florence

No time to catch our breath but always time to be Coveteur’d.

30th July 2013
Location LOCATION: French Riviera

Nothing like a simple monochrome piece to influence my scattered and cluttered thoughts.

29th July 2013
Location LOCATION: French Riviera

One of the first places we visited along the French Riviera was Menton.

26th July 2013
Postcards from Cote D’Azure
Location LOCATION: French Riviera

What followed was a few days of exploring the French Riviera as we drove through beautiful seaside towns, old villages and pulled over on the side of the road every 15 minutes to take photos of the spectacular coastal views you’d miss if you were on a train.

11th July 2013
Paris Instagram Diary I
Location LOCATION: Paris

A few magical days spent in Paris with Luke and Lancome.