15th March 2013
Location LOCATION: Tasmania

Karla Spetic Dress / Barton Perreira Cat Eye Glasses / Jennifer Zeuner Bracelet / Marc Jacobs Heels

With nothing but endless gold meadows, crisp blue skies and the bittersweet end of summer on my skin, I soaked up as much of the peaceful and serene Tasmanian countryside as I could before returning to my extremely long to-do list after being away for five weeks.

When I started this blog I would often shoot in light-filled meadows with Luke, yet with both of us running our separate businesses we rarely get to do this anymore, let alone shoot together. It’s always so humbling to go back to the basics, to remember where and why you began and to simply do the things that bring you happiness. Spending the afternoon in a vast golden meadow or taking a road trip by myself with nothing but my fleeting thoughts and distant memories is still the perfect way to clear my head and reflect on what has been and what’s to come. Perhaps another reason why I just love coming to Tasmania so much.

Photos by Luke Shadbolt