8th October 2012
Location LOCATION: Paris

Tara Jarmon Cardigan / Twenty Seven Names Shorts / Jennifer Zeuner Chain RingSenso Flats / Beret from Parisian Markets

Just as I start to sift through my Paris photos I thought I’d post these. Sometimes the most simplest photos stick with you and for some reason out of the hundreds we took these are some of my favourites that I will look back on and remember “This was the first time I was in Paris”, but definitely not the last. I couldn’t help but be a cliche and buy a little red beret and Eiffel Tower candy to really cement in how much I don’t care being a tourist sometimes. Actually, all the time. Luckily Luke arrives in London in just one week so it’s all work until then, but what am I doing as soon as he gets here? Flying straight back to Paris to experience this city of love with the one I love. Already counting down the days…

Photos by me