21st October 2012
Portobello Markets Diary
Location LOCATION: London

A beautiful day in Hyde Park as it quickly filled with golden light after Portobello Markets.

19th October 2012
Checking-In from London
Location LOCATION: London

These bubble wands provided more entertainment than they should have for only seven pounds each which have me wishing every day was bubble blowing day.

17th October 2012
Flower Markets Diary
Location LOCATION: London

After the flowers markets we found ourselves a nice little park to sit down, make daisy chains and act like girls catching up about everything and nothing.

12th October 2012
Dear Kate
Location LOCATION: Paris

These shorts have been traveling with me since I left home and I haven’t told them yet but they seemed to have made my shorts-I-will-never-ever-part-with pile.

10th October 2012
Location LOCATION: Paris

When we arrived in Paris it was raining and although it didn’t matter I secretly hoped that it would clear for just one day. I remember saying “Just give me one day in Paris with blue skies and that’s all I need”.