12th October 2012
Location LOCATION: Paris

Kate Sylvester Two Piece Suit / Kate Sylvester Blouse / J Crew Jumper / Rupert Sanderson Heels

Considering how long I’ve had this two piece by Kate Sylvester for and how much I’ve worn it already I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to shoot it. I’ve always been a shorts girl and no matter how many pairs I buy I still always go back to these three pairs of vintage shorts I’ve owned for countless years – a black leather pair, a pastel pink pair with a slouchy fit and a tailored pair of cream shorts that you’ve seen me rotate in my outfit posts numerous times. I was starting to believe that they just don’t make shorts like that anymore, or at least a timeless pair that can go with practically anything.

What I love about Kate’s pieces is how she’s so easily managed to blend the lines between modern yet timeless,  youthful yet sophisticated, and striking yet wearable. These shorts have been traveling with me since I left home and I haven’t had a chance to tell them yet but they seemed to have made my shorts-I-will-never-ever-part-with pile. The weird part is I’ve always wondered why they call it a “pair” of shorts when there’s only one. I suppose saying “Do you like my pant?” or “Do you like my short?” doesn’t flow very nicely. Either that or we’ve been missing out on getting two pairs for the price of one this entire time! I’m going to go with option A.

Photos by Jessica Stein