24th August 2012
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Shakuhachi Dress / Ellery Blazer / Michael Kors Watch / Jennifer Zeuner Clover Bracelet and Necklace

There’s nothing quite like spending an afternoon exploring a new place filled with crisp afternoon light. On our quest to find the perfect magnolia tree (Don’t ask. I’ve been obsessing over finding these trees for months!), Leah and I somehow found ourselves on our way to The Blue Mountains and stopping in at cute little places we saw along the way. And trust me, there were so many adorable places! I’m still kicking myself for not stopping at the novelty sized apple pie we saw sitting on the back of a ute out the front of a “Apple Pie Bar”. I mean really, how much cuter can you get?

Even though the sun was shining we quickly realised how crisp the air can be in the mountains as it quickly filled our lungs and raised the hairs on our arms, but we couldn’t care less as we were running on a high after our little spontaneous getaway. I swear everything looks, feels and sounds clearer when you’re in the middle of nowhere and it was so refreshing to have some time away from home.

It was the perfect icy location to suit an icy ensemble in this mint dress and powder blue silk blazer that has me so ready for spring. Leah kept saying I looked like a jellyfish and considering I kept getting sprayed with water from the fountain I didn’t feel too far away from being a major non-polp form of individuals of the phylum Cnidaria. And for the record I didn’t know that fancy jellyfish phrase off the top of my head, there was definitely a google search involved right there.

Photos by Leah Traecey