19th August 2012
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Asos Top / Kate Sylvester Shorts / Jennifer Zeuner Bracelet / Topshop Heels

I can’t even begin to tell you how random my weekend was. With the thought of how much I actually have to get done before I fly out for LA/New York/Europe in just over one weeks time, I mentally shut down and found myself in a car with my friend Leah, driving a few hours from home to clear our heads and chase the sun. When I say random I mean as in Leah calls me at midday to tell me about a place she had found and next thing I knew I had packed a bag, grabbed my camera, kissed Luke goodbye and was out the front door within 10 minutes. No exaggeration.

As soon as we hit the road we couldn’t stop saying “I don’t know why we don’t do these trips more often” but I guess the very best days are when they’re not planned at all and completely spontaneous. I love discovering those hidden places you never make enough time to find and creating hilarious moments along the way. At least I can finally tick “Find a life size bowl of fruit and attempt to lick/steal its grapes” off my bucket list.

Photos by Leah Traecey