22nd April 2010
Location LOCATION: Tasmania

I think I enjoyed taking photos of my new stock a little too much today. Why? I don’t really know. I’ve had a skip in my step ever since taking it easy of the past two weeks and I can’t seem to shake the feeling that one person cannot be this happy for so long. A few little things adding to my mood. Lovebento.com featured Gary Pepper Vintage on their website which you can read here. I also just found out the other day that I was chosen as one of Weardrobe’s spotlight bloggers and had a banner of myself on their fashion website and various other places. Not only that but they have even been so kind to make one of my photos their default picture on their official Facebook page! I also did an interview with Tongue in Chic, a fashion website based in Kuala Lumpar which you can read here. As if things couldn’t get any crazier I just finished another interview with a wonderful lady, Maggie, who is launching a self help book for teens and was lovely enough to include myself and Gary Pepper Vintage. I’m still so overwhelmed by any sort of attention like this so a very big thank you to Lovebento, Weardrobe.com, Tongue in Chic and Maggie! You have me skipping all over the house.

On another note, there is this exquisite antique store in Tasmania that I just love visiting when I’m there so I quickly took Luke to have a look for himself on the weekend. I try to avoid this place as I always leave disappointed at the thought that I simply can’t afford to ship any of the furniture back to my house. Everything is so reasonably priced and they have pieces that I have envisioned to belong in my future home, can you believe these antique wooden cases were only $150 for the three!?

These random snap shots from the weekend pretty much sum up a few of my favourite things to do when I have a day off: opshopping, tea and sunsets. I think evenings in Tasmania are exceptionally beautiful as everything is amazingly peaceful and just quiet enough that you can hear a car from a mile away. I especially love those days when there’s hardly any wind and everything is so calm and still that when the sun starts to set normal lakes like this start to resemble crystal mirrors and you start to wonder whether or not the tress are really looking at themselves in their reflection. Or perhaps you’re simply catching a quick glimpse into that world we all imagined as kids where everything is just upside down?

But want to know my absolute favourite? When the sky catches on fire for those last few seconds and you sit there wondering how you can somehow try and capture that perfect image to keep locked away for a rainy day. Lucky for me, we found a lake that began to quickly turn into a pool of silver light on sunset and what I like to call, Dumbledore’s pensieve. It looked so surreal and all sorts of magical so I suppose I know exactly where moments like this, and my other favourite memories, will be kept safe and sound from now on… somewhere in Tasmania in my very own pensieve.