19th April 2010
Location LOCATION: Tasmania

Knitted jumper: vintage, shorts: Camilla & Marc, crochet socks: from tokyo, shoes/belt/brooch: vintage.

I suppose you could say this is what I do with my time when I’m away, find a beautiful place with Luke and relax for the afternoon. Lucky for us, there are a million beautiful places scattered all over Tasmania so we drove around for a while until we found the perfect one, and I absolutely love that the first photo captures the feel of the day and looks more like an oil painting than anything else. It was a wonderful spontaneous trip and worth every penny even if it was only for a few days. I think Luke and I are both very blessed to have not only found careers we both utterly love so much but jobs that allow us to pack up and travel with some sense of freedom, and this trip was a win-win for both of us. I found some amazing vintage pieces for the store that I am immensely happy about and Luke shot some incredible photos which turned out extremely well as Kelly Slater happened to surprise everyone by showing up. I can happily tell you that his photos will now be gracing the cover of a national body boarding magazine, as well as a double fold out spread for another and is currently in talks of using his photos he shot of Kelly for Quicksilver in the US! I’ve been meaning to do a post about Luke so I can show you all some of his amazing surf photography so I suppose this is a good reason to finally getting around to doing it. I don’t think we’ve both ever been happier that we jumped on a plane and ran away for the weekend even if we did miss our flight home by 10 minutes because we ordered poached eggs for breakfast. Next time, no eggs.

And isn’t it strange when you’re frantically trying to pack or find something to wear your outfit always seems to come together in a weird, unintentional, colour coordinated way? Mine was completely coincidental and I’m still laughing at the fact that I own a belt that is the exact same color as my shoes!

My new collection is coming and will be up by the end of the week.