28th April 2010

Cape: Vintage & in store now, Rose Top: Vintage, Shoes: Orbit

I decided to quickly take some photos of this adorable little red knitted cape that is now available in the Gary Pepper store to show you all how cute it looks on. I was so tempted to keep it for myself and even had luke commenting on it saying ‘if i was a girl, i’d wear cute things like that’ (?). Alas, my wardrobe is overflowing with vintage already and i am thinking of doing some major spring cleaning or in this case, winter cleaning, and selling some of my prized possessions very soon.Unfortunately, whilst i was wandering around these neck of the woods i walked through a very large spider web and threw my camera and everything in my hands meters in the air as i frantically started jumping up and down screaming. In all the chaos, my beloved ring (the engraved one that i shared with you in my last post) flew straight off my finger and i haven’t been able to find it since. It’s probably best if we don’t talk about it yet…In happier news, with a last minute and spontaneous decision, i booked tickets to Tasmania on Thursday night and flew out Friday afternoon to go opshopping and find some new treasures. The opshops are running a little dry around here due to school holidays and various other reasons so what a perfect opportunity to not only go opshopping but to visit my family! Luke and i returned only last night and i’m already up to my eyeballs in things i need to get done before the week is out. It doesn’t really matter because i found some incredible vintage pieces that i cannot wait to start photographing to show you! And just quietly, i’ll be updating GPP with some new vintage goodies tonight so be poised and ready to pounce for our store update!

Over 120+ vintage pieces are ending tonight in the Gary Pepper store so please be sure to have a look and see if there is anything you like. I think this was honestly, my favourite collection to date. Some big changes are coming for Gary Pepper so there’s no time to waste! I hope you all had a wonderful wonderful weekend.

1.Vintage White Tulle Babydoll Dress //
2.Vintage LISA HO Mesh Bodycon Dress //
3.Vintage Floral Peach Fan Sleeve Dress //
4.Vintage floral Peach Pleated Button Dress //
5.Vintage Two Toned Backless Halter Dress //
6.Handmade Red Satin Tulle Babydoll Dress //
7.Vintage Yellow Polkadot Dress w Ra Ra Frill //
8.Vintage Cream Crochet Boho dress w Wooden Buttons //
9.Vintage Red Knitted Tassel Cape //
10.Vintage Black Suede Tasseled Cropped Jacket
11.Vintage Cream Boho Jumper w Crochet Detail //
12.Vintage Cream Soft Knitted Cardigan //
13.Vintage Metallic Floral Grunge Jacket //
14.Vintage TABLE EIGHT Tuxedo Cropped Jacket
15.Vintage ESCADA Gold Quilted Bomber Jacket //
16.Vintage Denim Grunge Jacket w Checkered Sleeves //
17.Vintage Faux Giraffe Fur High Waist Skirt //
18.Vintage Floral High Waist Skirt //
19.Vintage Red Abstract Printed Top w Pleated Bow //
20.Vintage Black & Gold Rose Top //