10th December 2009

So i just realized that this is actually our very last listings for 2009! With the planner quickly filling up with places to go and people to see, I thought it would be wise to have a two week break over Christmas. I actually don’t want to but I thought it was only fair as I would not expect you all to be sitting inside on your computer, especially when the weather is so nice outside. But absence only makes the heart grow fonder and I will be returning on the 1st of January with the biggest, brightest and most beautiful listings! With the new year comes new hopes, new aspirations, new ideas, new stock and a new attitude. I cannot wait to show you all the direction I plan to take Gary Pepper next year, with so many mini projects about to begin, I feel as if I am getting one step closer everyday.

As for me, I’m defiantly considering buying myself a little something as a ‘well done’ and ‘congratulations’. Top of my list is the Canon EOD 1000D SLR that I have been eying off all year. I think it’s perfect for what I need right now as my photos are the only part that I am not completely happy with. It also means that Ican finally start my closet love affair that I’ve had with photography for too many years now, as well as contributing largely to the fashion shoots (project one) for my website, which I can also happily announce has some sort of content on it and is up and running! It is temporary until I have perfected the final layout and design. You can check it out here

So my lovelies, remember to have a look in store to view Gary’s last range for 2009! It will brighten my day and in return I will brighten yours with a little bit of sunshine for your Thursday