13th December 2009

I spent my Friday morning quickly making these masks for a masquerade party I had on the weekend. The pink one I made for my friend and easily covered it in tiny little foam hearts. Mine on the other hand, required a hot glue gun and hundreds of tiny silver beads which I finished off with some white tassel and a diamond vintage brooch. I have quite a large collection of vintage brooches and this one was one of my favorites. Unfortunately, somebody else thought it was just as pretty and decided to steal it later in the night. Always a shame to know people still do that. But besides that it was a wonderful night. A night where you dance so badly people will laugh at you, a night where you take off your shoes and run down the street, and a night where you wake up in the morning and appreciate how amazing your friends are because they they don’t care what people think and make your cheeks hurt from smiling so much.