8th December 2009
Location LOCATION: Sydney

So right now I’m living out of suitcases as were still trying to find a new place. I really could not have anticipated that it would take this long and feel foolish for thinking we’d be settled in before Christmas. I’m beginning to miss the beautiful little things I had scattered around my room like my cats, owls, costume jewelery, photos and endless memories. This only reinforces how much I want my own place so I can nail as many holes as I want into the walls and buy anything and everything that I have ever wanted from Ikea. I already know what my house will look like. Completely modern but with a familiar homely feel, with white clean open spaces, huge rooms and high ceilings, down lighting and large entertaining balconies, and packed to the brim with vintage knick knacks that will litter a rainbow of colors and patterns throughout. Everything will have it’s place, a place to belong. I wouldn’t say I’m a perfectionist, I like to call it, being ‘particular’. I suppose you could say it will just look like an extension of my room and a little like this…