18th December 2009

Blah, what a crazy week! My lack of posts is a result of Christmas shopping for two families, eight people and seven birthdays, but I’m happy to announce that all sorts of shopping for the year are done and dusted, and with 8 days to spare! Goodbye overly crowded shopping center, hello wrapping paper and cute love notes.

I picked up these super cute notebooks on my quest for the perfect Christmas present last night. A new store called ‘Typo’ opened recently (think along the lines of ‘Smiggle’ in the city) and I absolutely lost my marbles. My life revolves around a good notebook and I am completely smitten with this brown paper one i picked up for $14.95. It’s neutral, simple and clean and going to contain all the secrets and wonders of Gary Pepper I also found these huge wooden letters that I plan on painting white and using as props for GPV in the New year. God, i cannot wait to quit my job in two weeks and take this full- time, which by the way, did I tell you I’m doing? see.. I told you it’s been a crazy week.