19th September 2013
Location LOCATION: New York

One of the main reasons why I appreciate early mornings is the fact that everything seems more serene at this time of day.

4th April 2013
My Girl
Location LOCATION: Sydney

How is it possible to love something so much that is so small, can’t talk and is covered in hair?

21st March 2013
Postcards from The Great Barrier Reef
Location LOCATION: The Great Barrier Reef

Looking back at these photos I can still feel the beautiful warm temperature of the water on my skin.

9th February 2013
Location LOCATION: New York

This is the very first time I’ve been here during February for the AW shows with its freezing, freezing weather.

4th February 2013
Location LOCATION: Brisbane

It wasn’t I got to see the city with fresh eyes and fell head over heels in love with this structure covered in pink bougainvilleas called the Grand Arbour.