9th February 2013
Location LOCATION: New York

Zimmermann Top / J Brand Leather Pants / Kate Sylvester Coat / Louis Vuitton Scarf / Vintage Belt / Michael Kors Watch / Charlotte Olympia Boots

It seems to be a tradition to arrive in New York a few days before #NYFW begins purely to settle in, buy groceries and wander the streets aimlessly while you mentally pretend you’re a local here. The only difference this season is this is the very first time I’ve been here during February for the AW shows with its freezing, freezing weather. I can’t really describe how weird it is to have to stop shooting photos when a huge snowflake falls straight into your eye or having to remind yourself to breath during large gusts of icy wind that make you feel like someone just poured a bucket of water over you. But there’s definitely bigger problems in the world to worry about, that’s for sure.

I would have had a few minor issues with my winter wardrobe if it wasn’t for the girls at J Brand helping me out with these ridiculous leather pants. I don’t know why, but there are pieces I’ve always steered clear from like leather pants or denim jackets. I suppose I thought it was because everyone has them, but usually when this occurs it’s for very good reason. After feeling these buttermilk leather pants (more so leggings), I was instantly obsessed. Now, I wear them every chance I get and can’t understand how they got this leather so fabulously flexible. And when strangers comment on your pants and sporadically start touching your leg before you get a chance to object? Well, like I said, there’s bigger problems in the world to worry about and right now it’s just one way to keep me just a little bit warmer.

Photos by Amanda Shadforth