8th July 2012
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Zimmermann Lace Dress / Topshop Stockings / Jolie & Deen Necklace / Vintage Earrings

It’s interesting to see how much your priorities can change in a few short months. Usually I would disappear for one week and feel guilty enough for not being online but I even surprised myself when I had a small anxiety attack from not blogging anything for an entire week! So what have I been up to? Luke finally got back from Tahiti the other day so we’ve spent the past few days in this beautiful little cabin somewhere in the mountains.

I’m used to Luke constantly traveling for work but for some reason it felt like he was gone for a lifetime this time, when in reality it was only two weeks. Oh god, I sound like that girl, don’t I? I’m going to blame it on the weather as I can’t help but feel cooped up inside when the weather is so miserable right now. With incredibly itchy feet at the moment I think it’s safe to say I’ve got a huge dose of cabin fever, which come to think of it is pretty ironic considering I just spent a few days in a cabin!? I swear that wasn’t planned.

With little internet connection it’s been refreshing to sit back, regather my thoughts and plan out what I want to achieve in the next 6 months. There’s also something so homey about kicking off your shoes and basking in the warmth of a real fire place during these freezing winter days. You can immediately feel the warmth hit your flushed, rosy cheeks and feel it comfortably wrap around your body like a warm sheepskin rug. With a hot cup of tea in hand and a nights worth of traveling tales, I was cosy and content (for now, that is) to snuggle into a corner and escape reality for just a few more hours 🙂

Photos by Luke Shadbolt