6th June 2012
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Zimmermann Blouse / Maurie & Eve Pants / Ray Ban Sunglasses / Christian Louboutin Heels / Vintage Bag/ DIOR Rouge ‘Daisy Plum’ Lipstick

White on white seems to be a reoccurring trend that rolls around every Spring/Summer. I’ve always loved this look but for me I find neutral creams and light tea shades to be softer and more timeless. Combine these creamy tones with a beautiful sheer lace and you have a classic piece I can see myself handing down to my very own children.

I’m a firm believer in you don’t have to pay a lot of money to look nice but sometimes I feel some brands are indeed worth every penny. It’s how I feel about designer shoes, designer shoes and designer shoes. Oh, and local labels like  Camilla & Marc and Lover.

This romantic lace blouse by Zimmermann has me feeling light and feminine when the skies here are getting darker and colder. Storm clouds are approaching and violent winds have set in, winter is well and truly here in Australia but that doesn’t mean we need to dress so darkly. Still feeling inspired by the past autumn tones, I added my go-to wine coloured lips and matching quilted bag to add a little bit of depth. Only now do I realise looking at this outfit I seem to be inspired by another thing – the talk of engagements and weddings that seems to be surrounding me at the moment. Two of my closest friends are recently engaged, with another two weddings scheduled for the end of the year and another friend of mine ready to go (that’s you, Katie!). Everyone is either engaged, buying houses or what I like to call ‘nesting’. I can’t say I’m any of the above as Luke and I are just about to move house again, I’m hoping to travel for three months at the end of the year and the only rings I like to wear are above my knuckles!

Very exciting times for my friends right now so this post is dedicated to the first one who got engaged, my lovely friend Amelia. Marriage, the one thing more timeless than vintage lace…

Photos by Jysla Kay