4th June 2013
Cala Macarelleta
Location LOCATION: Menorca

Cala Macarelleta in Menorca was as picturesque as the postcards we saw of it in town.

22nd May 2013
Breton Stripes
Location LOCATION: Barcelona

As I was unpacking my suitcase in Barcelona I realised just how much breton stripes I seem to own.

14th November 2011
Location LOCATION: Sydney

You just can’t beat how beautiful Karla Spectic makes you feel.

9th November 2011
Like Spring
Location LOCATION: San Francisco

After finding rows of these little white houses over the road from the Golden Gate Bridge we stopped to take a few photos.

8th November 2011
Golden Gate Girl
Location LOCATION: San Francisco

The perfect way to spend some much needed downtime before my 12 hour flight home.