9th November 2011
Location LOCATION: San Francisco

Vintage Top and Pleated Skirt / Thrifted Shoes / See By Chloe Bag

A sunny day spent wandering the beautiful streets of San Francisco. It’s funny what us bloggers end up doing for a photo. After finding rows of these little white houses over the road from the Golden Gate Bridge we stopped to take a few photos. Only after rolling around on the front lawn, sniffing balls of flowers and sprinkling them all over a foot path did we realise the house we had stopped at was actually occupied by a very concerned and confused person peering through the windows. But no harm done as everyone I met overseas was incredibly kind and lovely, making the move there just that little more tempting.

I found these gold heels at a little vintage store on Haight Street for a mere $20. I think I squealed a little when I realised they actually fit as vintage shoes usually run so small (What’s up with everyone having size 5 feet back in the day?). The beautiful glitter reminded me of the recent Miu Miu’s I’ve been eying off and I love the slight glamorous element they add to a outfit, without being too tacky. Paired with a feminine coral knit and light pastels I think I’m officially in Spring mode!

Photos by Luke Shadbolt