24th March 2010
Melbourne Diary
Location LOCATION: Melbourne

Vintage Shirt & Leather Shorts / Sportsgirl Tee / YSL & Samantha Wills Rings Four little words sum up my weekend: Melbourne, I adore you. I still can’t believe how long it took me to finally make my way down there but after seeing how beautiful Melbourne is, I’m sure I’ll be down there again very, […]

20th March 2010
Location LOCATION: Melbourne

I’m here! Finally arrived in Melbourne this morning and can’t wait to explore what this place has to offer, i’ve only heard amazing things! The trip has already started off pretty funny. I sadly discovered this morning that the 15 year old at macdonalds had forgotten to give me maple syrup with my hotcakes (how […]

27th December 2009
Location LOCATION: Tasmania

One thing I’ve learnt and really adore about the blogging world is that when someone admires another’s work whether it is photos, words, design or even an idea, we give credit to where it should be given, an unwritten rule and sign of respect. It’s as simple as that. So in saying that, I thought […]

25th November 2009
Japan Diary
Location LOCATION: Japan

All this talk of Japan has made me have post- Japan blues. It’s been nearly six months since I had my first taste and to be honest, I don’t even know when I will have time to go back as the boy and I are planning our next trip to New York/America in 2010. We […]

27th October 2009
Postcards from Tasmania
Location LOCATION: Tasmania

Dress: Maurie and Eve. Boots: Vintage Tony Bianco Honey, I’m home! Well everyone, my short strip away was exactly that, short. I was reluctant to leave but I am happy, refreshed and feeling a little guilty, actually. Not because I stuffed myself silly with cheese, wine and fudge, but because I only had time to […]