20th March 2010
Location LOCATION: Melbourne

I’m here! Finally arrived in Melbourne this morning and can’t wait to explore what this place has to offer, i’ve only heard amazing things! The trip has already started off pretty funny. I sadly discovered this morning that the 15 year old at macdonalds had forgotten to give me maple syrup with my hotcakes (how does that happen?) which laura thought was just hilarious. After i woke up from my delirious 5:30am state I got my revenge when i discovered she kind of had a fear of flying and ‘surprised’ her when we were landing

We plan on going to camberwell markets tomorrow morning, hitting up Fitzroy road and Brunswick, then dinner with a setting sun over the wharf at St.Kilda which i’ve heard is absolutely stunning. If you guys have any suggestions on where to go and what to see, good shops or amazing places to eat, please let me know! Any suggestion would be wonderful as i’m only here until monday.

But our first stop? Starbucks for a caramel mocha frappachino and warm plate of banana bread, yes please