9th October 2013
Location LOCATION: Paris

ASOS Shirt / Zara Shorts (similar here) / Miu Miu Brogues / Mulberry Bag / Jennifer Zeuner Necklace and Rings

Even though there are so many fond memories from fashion month it’s the simple ones that I appreciate the most. The no frills and no fuss situations where I find myself in flats in a silky and comfortable shirt with some sort of sweets involved. It doesn’t hurt if the Eiffel Tower is involved or an odd warmth for a not so typical day back in Paris.

I realised lately that you rarely see me in my day-to-day outfits anymore or in other words, flats. I rarely shoot in flats because I’m quite short, although many of you believe I’m six feet tall. I seem to have grown a complex about this for this exact reason. When I have met any of you in real life one of the most common comments I get are “You’re a lot shorter in real life”. I’m normal height, and oddly enough I just don’t shoot very well in flats, but perhaps this is my complex kicking in again here?

I don’t do casual very well either. I don’t own blue jeans or a white tee and I don’t do sneakers. Instead I have always worn brogues, loafers or Hugh Hefner-inspired slippers to fill that gap in my wardrobe. Ever since I discarded this pair of white brogues (not only were they dying but I had a few of you actually telling me to stop wearing them and buy new shoes…) I haven’t been able to find a pair I have loved as much. Come a quick visit to Miu Miu back in July and I’m absolutely obsessed once again with this new and improved version. It only took me three years to find a replacement, but in my eyes it was well worth the wait!

Photos by Carin Olsson