14th June 2013
Location LOCATION: Paris

Maje Top / & Other Stories Pants (similar here) / Alexis Bittar Ring / Gorjana Ring / Jennifer Zeuner Bracelets / Sergio Rossi Heels / Celine Bag

With such limited time in Paris I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to see everyone I would have liked to, plus being able to have time to wander the streets to shoot photos as well. But before coming to Paris I knew I had to meet the lovely Carin from Paris in Four Months as I’ve been obsessed with her beautiful blog ever since I stumbled across it on Instagram (Yes I read every comment on my IG and often click through to peoples accounts just to get creepy).

I think for any girl who is obsessed with the idea of packing their bags and moving to Paris (myself included) would love how Carin has made her move from Sweden to Paris look so easy. I’ve loved watching her creative eye capture parts of Paris that most tourists never get a chance to see with their limited time here. We can never fully immerse ourselves in this city like the locals do unless we lived here ourselves, which is why Carin’s little visual guide of Paris is so perfect for inspiring my day dreams about this place. I think two weeks in Paris is the perfect amount of time to get a taste of what this ridiculously romantic city has to offer, but I honestly wouldn’t mind having four months as well!

We got along so well that we even shot some photos together and I love how they turned out. I’ve wanted to shoot at this black and white pillared courtyard for so long now but never knew where it was. Funnily enough, apparently it’s been just around the corner from my apartment this whole time! Perfect place to dress like a matching humbug with my freshly cut hair slash short bob and my new purchase from Maje. I tucked the second layer of this top up to make it into a crop top which I’m kind of obsessed with. Midriff in Paris is probably going against all of their dress codes but definitely not mine.

Photos by Carin Olsson