3rd April 2013
Location LOCATION: Queensland

I had been dragging my Josh Goot dress around in our car, waiting for the perfect piece of architecture to suit its minimalistic and strong structure.

2nd April 2013
The Elements
Location LOCATION: Queensland

Each time I see a new place I’m overwhelmed by how much beauty is hiding in each corner of the world.

29th March 2013
Location LOCATION: Queensland

You know those weeks you’re so busy you feel like you don’t even have time to think about sleeping?

26th March 2013
Lady Elliot Island Diary
Location LOCATION: The Great Barrier Reef

I can’t really believe it’s taken me this long to visit The Great Barrier Reef being from Australia myself.

25th March 2013
Location LOCATION: The Great Barrier Reef

Sometimes in the sweltering heat it’s hard enough to be wearing a bikini let alone some sort of clothing.