21st March 2013
Location LOCATION: The Great Barrier Reef

Zimmermann Bikini / Sportsgirl Singlet / Sportsgirl Hat / Michael Kors Watch / Barton Perreire Cat Eye Glasses

I’ve been meaning to post my photos from my week in Queensland for quite some time now. Looking back at these photos I can still feel the beautifully warm temperature of the water on my skin, wishing at the time the blazing heat would ease but knowing I’d miss it as soon as I’d leave. These photos were taken during our visit to Lady Elliot Island, a part of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Before our trip I hadn’t heard about this place but after a quick google search I was literally squealing with excitement when I saw the vibrant images pop up on my computer screen. It seemed to be a little gem not everyone knows about, with only one tiny sea plane flying in a handful of times a day. And it’s the only part of the Great Barrier Reef that allows you to feed these tiny fish. That alone was reason enough to visit this beautiful island, plus the fact I got to finally shoot some water photography with Luke. He’s been asking me to for years but the thought of deep water really freaks me out. More posts from Queensland to come!

Photos by Luke Shadbolt