6th March 2013
Location LOCATION: Milan

Vintage Dress (similar here) / Patricia Chang Coat / Vintage Bag (similar here) / Gorjana Ring / Marc Jacobs Heels

After New York Fashion Week I spent an extra week in New York for back to back meetings. I stayed with Nadia across the water in Williamsburg and as this was my first time staying there (I’ve only ever ventured here for the Brooklyn Flea Markets), we spent most of our afternoons exploring what this peaceful area had to offer. The sunsets along the waterfront were some of the most picturesque visions I’ve seen during the few times I’ve been to New York.

I’d heard a lot of people talk about Beacon’s Closet, a wonderful vintage store in Williamsburg a few streets back from the waterfront, but I had never had the time to make it there before. What I found was an overflowing collection of vintage and second hand pieces at very affordable prices, as well as a few new pieces that would accompany me to Milan Fashion Week a few days later.

The weirdest part about vintage for me is when I go looking for something my wardrobe lacks I seem to find it quietly sitting on the racks of a vintage or thrift store. In this situation it was a bright apple green bag. What’s weirder? When you see nearly the exact same item being sold on Asos or in this situation J Crew, and let out a loud gasp when you’re walking past their windows on a bustling street in New York City. I suppose the best part will always be the price tag, with this vintage version setting me back only $10 US. Now that’s one reason to go visit Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn!

Photos by Phil Oh for vogue.com and Jessica Stein