25th March 2013
Location LOCATION: The Great Barrier Reef

Vintage Top / Camilla and Marc Shorts / Zimmermann BikiniGorjana Leaf Ring / Celine Glasses / Topshop Sandals (similar here)

Sometimes in the sweltering heat it’s hard enough to be wearing a bikini let alone some sort of clothing. Luckily I found this super light weight top when I was at Portobello Markets in London in October, and I knew straight away it would be the perfect island attire for when I would visit sunny Queensland in the short coming months. I didn’t actually try this outfit on before I quickly packed it away in my bag so I got an awkward surprise when I realized the length of my top only just didn’t reach the top of my shorts. Bah! At least I was on a secluded island so nobody could see me trying  to relive my Britney Spears 90′s midriff days. I forgot for a while that I even had a bellybutton… and who would have thought it would ever find its way onto my blog? The worst part was I actually really, really enjoyed the new found freedom.

Photos by Luke Shadbolt