3rd February 2013
Location LOCATION: Brisbane

Mason by Michelle Mason Top / Gary Bigeni Pants / Alexis Bittar Ring / Jennifer Zeuner Necklace / Michael Kors Watch / Ray Ban Aviator Glasses / Tom Gunn Heels / Dylan Kain Bag

It’s strange how the closest places to home are the ones you never make time to discover. Perhaps because you know they’ll always be there or perhaps because it’s so easy for every day life to get in the way.

Luke and I spent one week in Queensland recently which was my very first time there. We started our summer trip by hiring a car in Noosa and driving down the picturesque coastline to the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, The Great Barrier Reef at Lady Elliot and finishing on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Luke and I absolutely adore taking road trips as it’s one of the only times we get to quietly sit still and clear our heads, with fresh (and outrageously lavish) ideas seeping their way into our heads and filling the empty car. Let’s just say it was the perfect way to start the new year.

One fact I completely forgot about Queensland wasn’t the guaranteed sunshine all year round, but the thick and equally luscious humidity that comes with it. In between trying to stay hydrated and my face melting off, we took shelter in the Brisbane Royal Botanical Gardens in an attempt to hide from the blazing sun. I somehow found my way over to Government House which provided the perfect backdrop for this summer staple outfit I’ve been shamelessly repeating for weeks. If any colour was going to keep me cool it would be this, plus some matching blue heels by Tom Gunn for Gary Bigeni that have been hiding in my wardrobe for far too long!

Photos by Luke Shadbolt