13th December 2012
Location LOCATION: Paris

Fashion Week, no matter which one in the world you are attending is always frantic, exciting and completely exhausting.

11th December 2012
Iceland Diary II
Location LOCATION: Iceland

Iceland really is a remarkable and incomparable place that is easily enough to get to but hard enough to forget. A world in its own that people often overlook but once you see its natural beauty you’ll wonder why you didn’t come here sooner.

9th December 2012
Blue Lagoon
Location LOCATION: Iceland

A magnificent sight that cannot be captured or described but instead must be be experienced and enjoyed at least once in your lifetime, no matter the cost.

5th December 2012
Iceland Diary I
Location LOCATION: Iceland

Iceland is such a surreal place and every landscape we saw left me feeling incredibly inspired.

3rd December 2012
Gullfoss Waterfall
Location LOCATION: Iceland

This is the perfect way to spend your first afternoon in Iceland as you ease yourself into the sights and heritage here.