3rd December 2012
Location LOCATION: Iceland

ASOS Coat / Viktoria & Woods Turtle Neck / J Brand Jeans / Sandro Earmuffs / Primark Owl Mittens / ASOS Chelsea Leather Boots

Sifting through the photos we took in Iceland makes it impossible to know what to post seperately or what to post together. I have around 90 final photos I can’t seem to cull down anymore than I have so the thought of squeezing them all into one post makes me dizzy just thinking about it. Plus I think sometimes long posts can take away the beauty of just one single and beautifully composed shot.

For me, the third photo above at Gullfoss Waterfall is one of my favourites and so it gets its own post. This was the very first waterfall in Iceland we visited so I have very fond memories here. I remember how surprised I was when I realised just how loud this moving water and the sheer power of it could be heard from miles away. The sound runs through your body and then your excitement of the unknown and fear of potential danger kicks in. As part of the Golden Circle with the Geysir and the Blue Lagoon so close, this is the perfect way to spend your first afternoon in Iceland as you ease yourself into the sights and heritage here. Either this or you could spend hours just thawing your body out in the Blue Lagoon, but more on that later!

Photos by Luke Shadbolt