2nd November 2012
Location LOCATION: Versailles

ASOS Green Sequin Dress / Christian Louboutin Heels

Before I left London for my European trip with Luke I placed easily the biggest order I’ve ever done with ASOS. I was desperately in need of some new clothes and within this shamefully large order was this green sequin backless dress. I had Paris in mind when I saw it but somehow it became the perfect dress to shoot within the Versailles Palace walls.¬†As soon as we saw Versailles Luke and I knew we wanted to try to shoot something a little bit different and perhaps a little more dramatic.

Whilst Luke takes all of the photos I’ve always edited them, and this time I gave my hand at trying something a little darker and moodier than my usual aesthetic. I honestly have no idea what I’m doing in Photoshop so I was pretty happy when I figured out how to edit them like this, which was purely by luck too. Of course. It only took me three years!

The architecture, the history, the atmosphere and the pure beauty of Versailles is like nothing I’ve ever seen before and has by far been my favourite place on this entire trip. If you’re planning a trip to Paris make sure you do a day trip to Versailles and make sure you leave a few days to explore not only the gardens but also the Royal Palace too. And perhaps dust off that sequin dress of yours to wear whilst you float, dream and drape yourself through its corridors all the way down to the Hall of Mirrors, where you’ll create quite a scene with people questioning exactly why you’re wearing a dress like that with such uncomfortable sight-seeing heels. Trust me, I know, and it was worth every second.

Photos by Luke Shadbolt